Πέμπτη 28 Απριλίου 2022

Just Real Diamonds 2021 best song selection

 The annual JRD compilation for 2021 is ready!




01. Jon Bono- Married The Ocean

02. Chris Norman- Just A Man

03. Joe Bonamassa- Mind’s Eye

04. Feral Ghost- The Lighthouse

AOR-Melodic Rock


05. The Norseman Company- Since You`ve Been Gone

06. Rock's Finest- Will You Be There For Me

07. Robin Red- Midnight Rain

08. Six Silver Suns- To The Unknown

09. Spektra- Back into Light

10. Kent Hilli- Don't Say It's Forever

11. Alirio- Let It All Burn

12. Seventh Crystal- Bright and Clear

13. Ronnie Atkins- One Shot

14. W.E.T.- Got to Be About Love

15. Thrilldriver- I Confess

16. Chez Kane- Too Late for Love

17. Robbie LaBlanc- Temptation

18. Clifford Wright- You're Gonna Love Again

Hard Rock


19. Lordi- Victims of the Romance

20. Osukaru- Tainted Heart

21. Arthur Falcone's Stargazer- Straight to the Stars

22. Nestor- Kids in a ghost town

23. Eclipse- Dead Inside

24. Crowne- Cross to Bear

25. Joel Hoekstra's 13- Finish Line

26. Victory- Dying In Your Arms

27. Thy Row- Down on My Knees

28. Kruk- Made of Stone

29. Kikimora- Lost Soul

30. Voodoo Circle- This Song Is For You

31. Sainted Sinners- Heart of Stone

32. Robin McAuley- Say Goodbye

33. Lost Circus- I Just Wish

34. The Treatment- Wrong Way

35. Motorjesus- Hellbreaker

36. Paralandra- Can't Quench The Fire

Modern Hard Rock


37. Plush- Hate

38. Keith Wallen- It Finds Us All

39. Asking Alexandria- Find Myself

40. Levara- Ever Enough

41. The Rumjacks- Hestia

42. Blacktop Mojo- Darlin' I Won't Tell

Retro Hard Rock


43. Liar Thief Bandit- Deadlights

Heavy Metal


44. Accept- The Best Is Yet to Come

45. Iron Maiden- Days Of Future Past

46. Durbin- Battle Cry

47. Guadaña- Retar al Abismo

48. Sonic Haven- I Believe

Power/Prog/Melodic Metal


49. Perpetual Etude- Now Is the Time

50. Hammer King- Atlantis (Epilogue)

51. Flotsam and Jetsam- The Walls

52. WarKings- We Are the Fire

53. Tremonti- Would You Kill

54. Thunder And Lightning- A Nation Of Fools

55. SkyEye- King of the Skies

56. Helloween- Rise Without Chains

57. Bloodbound- Face of Evil

58. Powerwolf- Call of the Wild

59. NorthTale- Eternal Flame

60. Rhapsody of Fire- Infinitae Gloriae

61. Carmeria- To Lead the Blind

62. Secret Sphere- Life Survivors

63. Artem Illusio- Teacher

64. Evergrey- Eternal Nocturnal

65. Ad Infinitum- Unstoppable

66. World Of Damage- Breathe (Little Angel)

67. Ibuki - また君に恋してる



Τρίτη 19 Οκτωβρίου 2021

MIDNIGHT TOUCH- So hard to breath (2006)

Time I did a post other than best of collections! 

This one is a 4 track demo cdr from Greece. Midnight Touch played melodic rock/AOR highlighted by the melodic guitar playing of Vaggelis Kotsios and the unique vocals of Vasilis Georgiou, who is none other than the vocalist of Black Fate, Sunburst and Innosense, pretty much the cream of the crop of Greek prog/power metal. Vasilis is known for his vocal style that is similar to Roy Khan from Kamelot, but that's not the case here. All tracks are quite good but I have a soft spot for Sign in the sky, you can check it out below. Unfortunately the band/project released nothing more, although all members involved are still active in other bands. 

Midnight Touch - Sign in the sky - YouTube



Τετάρτη 12 Μαΐου 2021

Just Real Diamonds 2020 Best songs compilation

For me 2020 wasn't a year of much digging, just like 2019, many safe picks from known and beloved artists that thankfully keep on rocking, but still I managed to discover some new talents too. Hopefully things will get better in the future as I'm trying to re-organize my time in order to get my hands (well, mostly my mouse) on as many more albums as I can. 

As usually, here's my compilation of rock, AOR/melodic rock, hard rock, modern hard rock, retro, heavy/power, prog/melodic metal etc. Best songs, not necessarily best albums, keep that in mind. I'm just giving you some ideas for stuff to check out. The songs are compiled in proper order so that you can enjoy everything without noticing how you started with blues and ended up with power metal, that's the whole point, only good (maybe even great) music.



01. Matthew Good- Beauty

02. Stavros Papadopoulos- Butterfly

03. Hustler- Night Creatures

04. King King- Fire in My Soul

05. Bruce Springsteen- Letter To You

AOR - Melodic rock

06. Andree Theander- Words I've Never Used

07. Marty And The Bad Punch- The Last Song

08. Brother Firetribe- Love Is a Beautiful Lie

09. Stan Bush- A Dream of Love

10. FM- Walk Through the Fire

11. Revolution Saints- Closer

12. Boys From Heaven- Convictions

13. Fire Tiger- Don't Take Me Home

14. Perfect Plan- What About Love

15. Tanna- Storm in Paradise

16. Pride Of Lions- Rock & Roll Boom Town

17. Captain Black Beard- Midnight Cruiser

18. Arctic Rain- Lost

19. H.E.A.T- One by One

Hard rock

20. Alpha Souls- Words Unspoken

21. Vandenberg- Let It Rain

22. Asphalt Valentine- Saving

23. Fierce Heart- Lost Inside Your Love

24. Waiting For Monday- End of a Dream

25. Heartwind- Angels Cry Again

26. Blue Öyster Cult- Tainted Blood

27. Black Swan- Sacred Place

28. Hidden Roads- Nothing but a Moan

29. Silent Tiger- Eyes of a Blazing Fire

30. Fury- You're the Fire

Modern hard rock

31. These Four Walls- Knots

32. Those Damn Crows- Go Get It

33. Ravenscode- Fire

34. Grey Daze- Sometimes (2020 version)

35. Five Finger Death Punch- Darkness Settles In

36. Black Stone Cherry- In Love With The Pain

Retro rock/hard rock

37. The Jaded Hearts Club- This Love Starved Heart of Mine

38. Outlaws- Dixie highway

39. Wytch Hazel- Spirit and Fire

Heavy metal

40. Messenger- Take Flight

41. The Last Renegades- 300 Strong

42. Hittman- Out In The Cold

43. Ironflame- Seekers of the Blade

44. Traveler- Shaded Mirror

45. Star Fighter- Metal Hero

46. Stryper- Blood from Above

47. Iron Savior- Silver Bullet

48. The Lightbringer of Sweden- The Beast Inside of Me

49. Axel Rudi Pell- Gunfire

50. Brick- Beloved Congregation

Power metal/Melodic metal/Prog metal/FF metal/Atmospheric metal

51. Cristiano Filippini's Flames of Heaven- Lightning In The Night

52. The Unity- Hands of Time

53. Dynazty- The Man And The Elements

54. Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall- Hold Your Fire

55. Vanishing Point- To The Wolves

56. Pyramaze- Transcendence

57. Allen Olzon- No Sign of Life

58. Beyond the Black- Some Kind of Monster

59. Amaranthe- Crystalline

60. Into the Open- Half Song

61. Fates Warning- Under the Sun

62. The Waymaker- The Rain of Your Love

63. Ayreon- Talk Of The Town

64. Brothers of Metal- Weaver of Fate

65. Vestal Claret- Sorrow



Τρίτη 7 Απριλίου 2020

JRD 2019 Best songs compilation

Making a best of collection every year has become a tradition for me and a reason to keep this blog semi-alive. In 2019 I didn't have much time to listen to as many new releases as I usually do, so maybe this year there are more ''safe'' picks. Still I think the compilation is really enjoyable with many great songs and some that will stand the test of time.



01. Walter Trout- Me My Guitar And The Blues
02. Melissa Etheridge- I Know You
03. Pristine- Cause and Effect
04. Avril Lavigne- Head Above Water
05. Jimmy Barnes- Shutting Down Our Town

06. West Bound- Beautiful Dream
07. Innuendo- Those Days Are Gone
08. Work of Art- Let Me Dream
09. Viana- Do You Remember
10. Lovekillers- Who Can We Run To
11. Eclipse- Shelter Me
12. Hardline- Page of Your Life
13. Alliance- Fire and Grace
14. First Signal- Walk Through The Fire
15. Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard- Just One More Step Away
16. Find Me- No tears in paradise
17. Lonerider- Angel Without Wings
18. Forever- Call Out My Name
19. Jim Peterik & World Stage- Without A Bullet Being Fired
20. The Defiants- Stay
21. Gathering Of Kings- Love Will Stay Alive

-Hard rock
22. Michael Jessen- Coming Home Tonight
23. The New Roses- Down by the River
24. Fighter V- City of Sinners
25. Black Star Riders- Another State Of Grace
26. Shadow Disciples- The Road
27. Ruxt- Be What You Are
28. Hideaway- Unknown hero
29. John Diva & the Rockets of Love- Just a Night Away
30. Restless Spirits- Nothing I Could Give to You
31. Inglorious- I don't know you
32. Whitesnake- Heart Of Stone
33. Come Taste The Band- Don't Let Me Bleed
34. Tom Keifer- Rise
35. Vanishing Signs- Heavy Hammond
36. Ron Keel Band- Hey Man

-Modern hard rock
37. Black Water Greed- Walk Away
38. Silver End- Conquer the Silence
39. Behold the Beloved- Remedy

40. Soen- Lotus

-Retro hard rock
41. Visdom- White Heart
42. Rival Sons- Feral roots
43. Caleb Johnson & The Ramblin' Saints- Holding On

-Heavy metal
44. Gygax- Hide Mind
45. Gregory's Xit- Another Day of Hope
46. Traveller- Street Machine
47. Riot City- 329
48. Twisted Tower Dire- True North
49. Nightqueen- Energy

-Power/prog/melodic metal
50. Raptor Command- One Hundred Thousand Watts
51. Queensrÿche- Man the Machine
52. Timo Tolkki’s Avalon- Promises
53. Barilari- Enfermedad Terminal
54. DragonForce- Heart Demolition
55. Star.Gate- Shameless War
56. The Ferrymen- You Against The World
57. Pretty Maids- Serpentine
58. Evergrey- Currents
59. HammerFall- Second To One
60. Battlebeast- I Wish
61. Diviner- Stargate
62. TurilliLione Rhapsody- Oceano
63. Avantasia- The Raven Child

Δευτέρα 26 Αυγούστου 2019

JRD 2018 best songs compilation CD1

Usually I listen to a lot of hundreds of new albums every year in order to prepare the annual best songs compilation, but 2018 wasn't such a case. I only had time for standard stuff and albums from well or quite good established acts, so the compilation features very little newcomers and surprises. Still I think I've managed to gather a group of great songs varying from rock to metal just for your pleasure. There's still good rock/metal music out there so check it out!


01. Joe Bonamassa- Self-Inflicted Wounds
02. Nightstage- Better Than You
03. Little Caesar- Time Enough For That

AOR-Melodic rock
04. Ignore the Sign- Looking in the Sun
05. Praying Mantis- The Last Summer
06. Magnum- Lost on the Road to Eternity
07. Dukes of the Orient- Seasons Will Change
08. The Poodles- Go Your Own Way
09. FM- Too Much Of A Good Thing
10. Johnny Gioeli Deen Castronovo- It’s All About You
11. Universe Infinity- We Were Just Dancing
12. Jerome Mazza- Streets on Fire
13. Perfect Plan- In And Out Of Love
14. W.E.T.- The burning pain of love
15. Care of Night- We Will Find A Way
16. Creye- Christina
17. Outloud- I Am the One

Hard rock
18. Ammunition- Bad bones
19. Mystic Prophecy- You Keep Me Hangin' On
20. Big Guns- End of Time
21. Junkyard Drive- Way Too Long
22. Hank Erix- Turn to Darkness

Modern/alternative hard rock
23. Minus One- Run Away
24. Shinedown- Creatures
25. Five Finger Death Punch- Gone Away
26. Halestorm- Nobody

Retro rock/hard rock
27. Dorothy- We Need Love
28. Deadheads- My Time
29. Vojd- On the Run

Heavy metal
30. U.D.O.- In The Heat Of The Night
31. Mass- Revenge for the maiden
32. Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame- I Believe in This Miracle
33. Crying Steel- Born in the Fire
34. Costas Varras- Point of No Return
35. Bonfire- Stand Or Fall
36. Dee Snider- Become the Storm
37. Maverick- Viper
38. Striker- Position Of Power
39. Fifth Angel- Hearts of Stone
40. Monument- Attila
41. Ironflame- Sword and Shield
42. Visigoth- Traitor's Gate
43. White Wizzard- Storm The Shores

Power/symphonic/prog/melodic metal
44. Riot V- Angels thunder, devils reign
45. Helloween- Pumpkins united
46. Eternity's End- Blood Brothers (The Oath)
47. Brainstorm- Devil's Eye
48. Orion's Reign- Freedom Is Not Negotiable
49. Primal Fear- Supernova
50. Danze Macabre- Stab In the Back
51. Nozomu Wakai's Destinia- Cross The Line
52. Dynazty- Closing Doors
53. The Unity- The Storm
54. Nordic Union- My Fear & My Faith
55. Kissin' Dynamite- You're Not Alone
56. Animal Drive- Carry On
57. Borealis- Scarlet Angel
58. Evergrey- Currents
59. Heaven's Trail- Too Late
60. Saffire- How Cold Is Your Blood
61. Alicate- Unforgiven
62. Odyssey Desperado- Wings of Silk
63. Powerwolf- Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
64. Amaranthe- Unified

Πέμπτη 7 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

JRD 2017 best songs compilation CD1

This one is looooooong overdue, but good music is here to stay, so here it is. Part 1 of the 2017 best songs compilation. Stuff from rock to speed power, compiled for maximum pleasure. You can burn it on a single mp3 cd for your car cd player or... whatever. There will be a part 2 sometime soon and hopefully I'll finish with 2018 sometime during the summer. And then maybe I'll catch up with you!

01. The Big East- My Heart Belongs To Me
02. Mick McConnell- All My Soul
03. Jonny Lang- Bitter End
04. King King- Broken
05. David Kurtz- Good Things in Life
06. Bullets and Octane- Fuck You Song
07. Flatfoot Fifty Six- Odd Boat

08. Ailafar- Stop Running Away
09. Autumn Kings- Illusion
10. Dirty White Boyz- Rise
11. Honeymoon Suite- Never Was A Forever
12. Robin Beck- In These Eyes
13. Boulevard- Life Is a Beautiful Thing
14. Barry Goudreau's Engine Room- Reason to Rhyme
15. Stan Bush- Break These Chains
16. One Desire- Hurt
17. Art Nation- What Do You Want
18. Raintimes- Don't Ever Give Up

19. Tokyo Motor Fist- Love me insane
20. Bonfire- Praying 4 A Miracle
21. Phantom 5- Read Your Mind
22. Pink Cream 69- Vagrant Of The Night
23. Metalmorphosis- My Favorite Things
24. Lionheart- Prisoner
25. Steelheart- Lips of rain
26. Gotthard- Stay With Me
27. Tainted Lady- The Best Days
28. Thunder- Heartbreak Hurricane
29. The New Roses- Every Wild Heart
30. H.E.A.T.- Into the great Unknown
31. Eclipse- Killing Me
32. Hell in the Club- We Are On Fire

33. Stormbringer- Stick to Your Guns
34. Stone Sour- The Witness Trees
35. Anchored- Remember When
36. Wayland- All We Had
37. Kings of Broadway- Never Enough

38. Kanan Road- Second Wind
39. The Steel Woods- Straw In The Wind
40. Richie Kotzen- End of Earth
41. Mutoid Man- Melt Your Mind

42. Space Vacation- Live by the Sword
43. Accept- Carry The Weight
44. Air Raid- A Blade In The Dark
45. Jack Starr's Burning Starr- Worlds Apart
46. Jacqueline Lovely Perras- King of the World
47. Sanhedrin- Riding On The Dawn
48. Satan's Hallow- Beyond The Bells
49. Emerald (Switzerland)- Through The Storm
50. Starblind- Avarice The Fourth
51. Europica-The Patriot (Feat. Tim Ripper Owens)
52. Iron Savior- Tales Of The Bold (2017)

53. Evertale- Empire Rising
54. Helker- The One
55. Firewind- Hands of time
56. Steel Seal- Never Die
57. Signum Regis- The Future King
58. Operus- Fate's Pantomime
59. Reveal- Blood and Sand
60. Mean Streak- Retaliation Call
61. Striker- Freedom's Call
62. Shadowside- Beast Inside
63. The Unity- No More Lies
64. Threshold- Small dark lines
65. Defecto- All I Ever Wanted
66. Damnations Day- Dissecting the Soul
67. Cyhra- Closure
68. Bare Infinity- The Butterfly Raiser
69. Amberian Dawn- Luna My Darling



Σάββατο 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

WHITE WIZARD - Over the top (2010)

White Wizzard was one of the best examples of the NWOTHM (New wave of traditional heavy metal) trend. ''Over the top'' is their debut album. Previously the band had released the ''High speed GTO'' ep which created a small sensation with the title track video. After the ep the whole band apart from the bass player (who happens to be the band leader) left and ''Over the top'' was recorded by a totally new band. This new White Wizzard was the best ever version of the band. Wyatt "The Screamin' Demon" Anderson has a really powerful voice, with a lot of grit, capable of high pitched screaming (thus ''The Screamin' Demon''), guitarist Erik Kluiber plays fantastic leads and riffs and mainman Jon Leon wrote the best selection of songs the band ever presented us with. I really love this album. The songs are totally into 80's metal, the production is kick ass, the performances totally over the top and one 80's metal anthem comes after the other. It's really a shame this band had so many problems with line up changes and personal issues between members. Right after the album half of the band quit again and it's really a miracle that White Wizzard (actually Jon Leon) managed to released another three good albums with band members constantly rotating. 



Τρίτη 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

JRD 2016 best songs compilation (part II)

2nd part of the 2016 best songs compilation



P.S.: Track 28 by Candlebox has wrong title and tags, the right song title is ''Alive at last (acoustic version)'', not ''I've Got A Gun (acoustic version)''

Τρίτη 27 Νοεμβρίου 2018

JRD 2016 best songs compilation (part I)

As promised here's the first part of my best of 2016 songs compilation (it's not a typo, I'm currently finishing 2017 releases and my 2018 list will be ready somewhere around summer 2019, yeah I'm way behind!)

Tracklist below, just grab it anyway, great compilation (as always), everything from rock to power metal!

01. Devon Allman- Watch What You Say
02. Rik Emmett- The Ghost of Shadow Town
03. Suburban Myth- The Backdrop
04. Just People- Glass Wire
05. Tess of the Circle- Summer Rain

AOR-Melodic Rock
06. Heart- Two
07. Dante Fox- A Love Affair
08. Eleventh Hour- Back To You
09. Sunstorm- Angel Eyes
10. David A Saylor- Pray For Time
11. Overland- Doctor My Heart
12. Ivory Tower Project- Woman of the Times
13. Hartmann- I Would Murder for You
14. Wigelius- 9 Out of 10
15. Jett Blakk- Let Love Win
16. Jaded Heart- Remembering
17. Cry of Dawn- Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming
18. First Signal- Minute of Your Time
19. Angels or Kings- Go Ask the Moon

Hard Rock
20. Bulletrain- We Salute You
21. Cruzh- Aim for the Head
22. Nordic Union- Falling
23. Hell in the Club- Enjoy the Ride
24. Lordi- Let's Go Slaughter He-Man
25. Tropical Contact- This Is Goodnight
26. Midway- Fallin'
27. Maverick- The One
28. Killit- See the End
29. Tango Down- Anything Can Change
30. Change of Heart- Wayward Son
31. House of Shakira- Waste No Time
32. Gundacker- Reach for the Stars
33. Devil's Balls- Red Lights
34. Daniel Gazzoli Project- Night Hunter
35. Michael Angelo Batio- You Broke My Heart In Two
36. Park Sipes- Burn Into The Night
37. Ian Toomey- Devil's Chord

Modern Hard Rock
38. Dee Snider- We Are the Ones
39. Disciple- Erase
40. Cage9- Oscuro
41. Skillet- I Want to Live
42. Redeem- Chanson D'amour
43. Sixx A.M.- Maybe It's Time
44. One Less Reason- Sometimes
45. ABO- Promise
46. 3 Doors Down- Inside of Me
47. Albany Down- Like a Bullet
48. Small Town Titans- Broken Record
49. Three Cities- Dethroned

Retro Rock/Hard Rock
50. Taste- Is It Just a Dream
51. Joe Bonamassa- How Deep This River Runs
52. Brett Ellis- Self Portrait (Rainbow cover)
53. Dunsmuir- Hung on the Rocks

Heavy Metal
54. Gygax- The Hunter's Heart
55. Tower- Elegy
56. Demon- Are You Just Like Me (Spirit of Man)
57. Innerwish- Needles In My Mind
58. Mystic Prophecy- Metal Brigade
59. Me And The Rest- Take It or Leave It
60. Resurrection Kings- Wash Away

Power/Prog/Melodic Metal
61. Michael Sweet- Bizarre
62. Dynazty- The smoking gun
63. Mercury Falling- King for One Day
64. Pretty Maids- Kingmaker
65. Fates Warning- SOS
66. Oceans of Time- Trust
67. Perseus- The Ride Of Pegasus
68. Beyond the Black- Beautiful Lies
69. Amaranthe- Endlessly


Δευτέρα 26 Νοεμβρίου 2018

ANGEL DUST - Enlighten the darkness (2000)

Yes, it's time for a new upload! Let's see if this time I'll manage to keep this page running like in the good old times...

Angel Dust is a German band that started out in the 80's playing speed/thrash. They broke up in 1990 and reformed with a different line up in 1998 releasing a string of very good albums from 1998 to 2002, their best era. The style had changed to modern dark power metal and ''Enlighten the darkness'' along with 1999's ''Bleed'' are probably the best albums from that era.


Δευτέρα 19 Νοεμβρίου 2018

2015 Best songs part II

Folks are probably preparing their best of 2018 lists and so far I've not even managed to finish with my 2017 list. But I do have a nice second list of great 2015 songs and I decided it's time to share it with you. I uploaded the file somewhere else a couple of years ago and I just found out it's still up, so why not post it here as well? I'm not really sure the tracklist below is totally right because I moved a couple of tracks around till I got the compilation fixed, but you 'll be able to see the tracklist once you've downloaded it. One track per artist/band, the whole range from rock to speed/power metal covered, 676 mb size so you can burn it on cd (do people still do that? I do). 

P.S.: In the following days you'll get a nice double best of 2016 compilation


01 Bite the Bullet- Road to Redemption
02 Panic Room- I Am A Cat
03 The Winery Dogs- Fire
04 Warren Haynes- Beat Down The Dust
05 Walter Trout- Gonna Live Again
06 Hush n' Rush- Dirty love
07 Scash- Better Off Without You
08 Delta Deep- Private Number

09 China Sky- The Road Not Taken
10 Dakota- Push
11 Push UK- So I Pray (new recording)
12 Blood Red Saints- Better Days
13 Shooting Star- She Gives Me Chills
14 Mantra- Endless Night
15 Sweet & Lynch- Me Without You
16 C.O.P.- Without You

Hard Rock
17 Constancia- Way To Life
18 House of Lords- Eye Of The Storm
19 Martina Edoff- Spirit of Light
20 Joel Hoekstra's 13- Anymore
21 Kelly Keeling- Ride out the Storm
22 Maxx Explosion- Nothing's Easy
23 Lifeline- Jezebel
24 Screaming Eagles- Stand Up & Be Counted
25 Devil's Train- Down On You
26 Doll Skin- Wring Me Out
27 Thundermother- It's Just a Tease

New Rock - Modern Hard Rock
28 Impera- End of the World
29 Machine Elves- Plead
30 Gaiah- Stay Gone
31 23 Azec- The Bigger Picture
32 Trucker Diablo- Murder Ballad

Prog Rock
33 Drifting Sun- Trip the Life Fantastic

Retro hard rock
34 The Burning Crows- Alright
35 Michael Cosyn Group- Angel's Wings
36 Clutch- Our Lady of Electric Light
37 Deadheads- UCP
38 Demon's Eye- Finest Moment
39 Europe- War of Kings
40 Federal Charm- These Four Walls
41 Flying Joes- Waiting for the Sun
42 The Electric Alley- Can We Have Some Love Between Us
43 Imperial Jade- Electric Lady
44 Imperial State Electric- Lost In Losing You
45 Deadheads- Ghost
46 Biters- Space Age Wasteland
47 The Gloria Story- Bang bang (Pull the trigger)

Heavy Metal
48 Fuzz Factory- I'm Not You
49 Enforcer- Undying Evil
50 Blackslash- Rock 'n' Roll
51 Edge of the Blade- River Runs Red
52 Hrom- Power of the World
53 Stash- A Matter of Time
54 W.A.S.P.- Golgotha

Power/Prog/Melodic metal
55 Full of Nothing- Midnight Warning
56 Teramaze- Out Of Subconscious
57 Phantasma- Runaway gray
58 Arena- The Demon Strikes
59 Endomain- Valley Of Disorder
60 Diviner- Riders From The East
61 Infamia- Amordazados
62 The Chronicles Project- Forever
63 Angra- Black Hearted Soul
64 Impellitteri- We Own The Night
65 Empires of Eden- Killing As One
66 Amorphis- Tree of Ages

Κυριακή 8 Μαΐου 2016

2015 best songs

I've just finished going through the 2015 releases (took me a little bit longer than expected) so I compiled a collection of 68 songs ranging from blues rock to prog/power metal. You can burn it on cd for your car, it's right under 700 mb, at least that's what I had in mind since my car stereo doesn't have a usb port. A great chance to check out releases you might have missed out or remember the year's best moments! The songs are categorized and sorted in a hopefully consistent sequence.


01 Jonn Del Toro Richardson- Behind The Curtain
02 Gerald Clark- Jesus

01 Moving Pictures- Bustin Loose
02 King King- You Stopped The Rain
03 Mike Tramp- Who Can You Believe
04 Intelligent Music Project III- Escape
05 Radioactive- Summer Rains (ft. Jimi Jamison)
06 Revolution Saints- Way To The Sun
07 Ozone- So Blind
08 Find Me- Another Day
09 Khymera- Land Of Golden Dreams
10 Nelson- Invincible
11 Issa- Heartbeat
12 Battle Beast- Touch In The Night
13 David Hasselhoff- True survivor
14 The Nightflight Orchestra- Stiletto
15 Stala & So.- When The Night Falls
16 Care of Night- Cassandra
17 Magnus Karlsson's Freefall- No Control (ft. Joe Lynn Turner)

01 Airstream- Hold on to What We Got
02 Art Nation- 3000 Beats
03 Scorpions- We Built This House
04 Tragedy- Crazy Train in the Wind
05 Dirty Glory- Fire
06 Dirty Passion- Die Free
07 King Zebra- Never Stop Trying
08 Magick Touch- Trouble & Luck
09 Praying Mantis- Believable
10 Bonfire- Fallin’ Outta Love
11 Coda- Sigo Aquí
12 Naked- Aim for the Heart
13 Talon- Hole In My Head
14 Jettblack- Black & White
15 Eclipse- Live Like I'm Dying
16 The V- Again
17 Trixter- All Night Long
18 Jon Stevens- The Chronic Symphonic

01 Spitfire- Battlefield
02 Aranda- We Are The Enemy
03 The Motorleague- Wounded Animal
04 Saffire- This Is Not The End
05 Bridge to Grace- Everything
06 21Octayne- Lost
07 Brother Bones- To Be Alive
08 Atlas Road Crew- I Want You To Know

01 Ozone Mama- Hope
02 Thunder- When The Music Played
03 Swam Da Wamp- That Easy
04 The Handful- Last Man Standing
05 Christopher Shayne- Give a Damn
06 Eldorado- Mad Woman
07 Gentlemans Pistols- Private Rendezvous
08 Stone Sour- Love Gun (KISS cover)
09 Bevan Davies- Kill The King (Rainbow cover)

01 Black Trip- Die With Me
02 Horisont- Flying
03 Place of Skulls- You Won't Change Me (Black Sabbath cover)
04 Iron Savior- The Omega Man

01 Lord- Playing To Win (Little River Band cover)
02 Stratovarius- In My Line Of Work
03 Alquimia- Vulnerable
04 AngelSeed- Dancing with the Ghosts
05 Kamelot- Veil Of Elysium (Acoustic Version)
06 Queensryche- Bulletproof
07 Symphony X- Without You
08 Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville- City of Heroes
09 Helloween- Stay Crazy
10 Sonata Antartica- Pasok



Τετάρτη 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2015


Back in 2010 I started checking out as many new bands and releases as I could get my hands on, regardless of whether I knew anything about them or not. With the internet and all it was a direction I was doomed to head to, being the greedy bastard I am. The piles of shit I got to listen to are beyond imagination, you gotta believe me. And then out of the blue comes a band described by many as stoner (which I'm not really fond of) hailing from Spain (a country that contributed decent 80's metal and AOR/hard rock stuff but nothing really fancy over the last years). Despite all this ''Itaka'' is one of the top 10 releases of 2010 and probably one of the 2-3  2010 releases that really stood the test of time and count as really great. I still haven't figured out what the guys are playing here... It's progressive, it's trippy, it's psychedelic, it has a strong retro vibe, all at the same time. The songwriting is complex and there are some crazy sax parts here and there, piano, keys of all kinds, fuzzy guitars, but the most surprising element are the outstanding and innovative vocal lines. The guys certainly think outside the box! The singer has this Ozzy-like tone (ok, that it's probably not a good thing) but the vocal lines are so kick-ass that you'll love the guy! As you go from one song to the next you'll be excited with the quality of the record, no fillers, only killers! And the damn choruses, they drive a nail through your brain with those amazing melodies!



Παρασκευή 19 Ιουλίου 2013

BRONZ- Taken by storm (1984)

There are some styles of rock I love almost by definition, because of their sound, for example heavy pychedelic rock, southern rock, 70's pomp/AOR, NWOBHM and early 80's hard n' heavy. Bronz manage to combine the pomp/AOR sound of the late 70's-early 80's with the edge of NWOBHM so it didn't take much to fall for them. On their 1984 debut album Max Bacon (who had already delivered the goods on two great Nightwing albums) was the star of the show. Fantastic vocals that wouldn't go unnoticed. In fact briefly after the demise of Bronz Bacon joined GTR, the AOR/prog rock project of Steve Howe (Yes) and Steve Hackett (Genesis). Their self titled debut in 1986 went gold and scored a US top 20 hit with When the heart rules the mind. 1987 would see Bacon taking part in Phenomena's second and best album ''Dreamrunner''. Still ''Taken by storm'' is  the best album Bacon was involved in (closely followed by Nightwings ''My kingdom come'' also in 1984). Great songs throughout, big choruses, solid riffs and Bacon's passionate trademark high pitched vocals do the job. The self titled track has all the values of great, galloping, anthemic 80's heavy metal, while on the other side songs like The cold truth take us back to the magic of 70's Foreigner or Toto. This goes on and on from track to track, so if you like your NWOBHM spiced with keys and tons of melody this will sound like heaven.



Πέμπτη 28 Μαρτίου 2013

FOREIGNER- Foreigner (1977)


I never really understood why this band got mocked so much with the whole ''corporate rock'' thing. Unless great music deserves mocking... Anyway, back to adressing reasonable people with good taste: Although their 3 first albums released in the 70's all sold extremely well this one stands high above the other two in terms of songwriting. All songs deliver one way or another. You get a bunch of simplistic but effective and addictive melodic rockers like Feels like the first time, Long, long way from home, Headknocker and I need you, some really nice slower sentimental songs like The damage is done and Woman oh woman and then the real highpoints, the absolute brilliance of pomp AOR anthem Cold as ice, the magic of the spacey ballad Starriders, the ballsy attitude of At war with the world (are you still trying to convince me a wimpy band could deliver such an epic?), the point is there's always something to admire; the vocal power of Lou Gramm, Jones's songwriting, the overall musicianship of the band, the everlasting magic of the 70's AOR sound in its best form. Allthough Foreigner went on to write some of the best known AOR songs in the 80's (Urgent, Waiting for a girl like you, I want to kow what love is), this is their finest moment and sadly their only 70's release of such high level. Both ''Double vision'' and ''Head games'' failed to satisfy me after this early masterpiece. I could surely do with a couple more albums like their debut!