Κυριακή, 8 Μαΐου 2016

2015 best songs

I've just finished going through the 2015 releases (took me a little bit longer than expected) so I compiled a collection of 68 songs ranging from blues rock to prog/power metal. You can burn it on cd for your car, it's right under 700 mb, at least that's what I had in mind since my car stereo doesn't have a usb port. A great chance to check out releases you might have missed out or remember the year's best moments! The songs are categorized and sorted in a hopefully consistent sequence.


01 Jonn Del Toro Richardson- Behind The Curtain
02 Gerald Clark- Jesus

01 Moving Pictures- Bustin Loose
02 King King- You Stopped The Rain
03 Mike Tramp- Who Can You Believe
04 Intelligent Music Project III- Escape
05 Radioactive- Summer Rains (ft. Jimi Jamison)
06 Revolution Saints- Way To The Sun
07 Ozone- So Blind
08 Find Me- Another Day
09 Khymera- Land Of Golden Dreams
10 Nelson- Invincible
11 Issa- Heartbeat
12 Battle Beast- Touch In The Night
13 David Hasselhoff- True survivor
14 The Nightflight Orchestra- Stiletto
15 Stala & So.- When The Night Falls
16 Care of Night- Cassandra
17 Magnus Karlsson's Freefall- No Control (ft. Joe Lynn Turner)

01 Airstream- Hold on to What We Got
02 Art Nation- 3000 Beats
03 Scorpions- We Built This House
04 Tragedy- Crazy Train in the Wind
05 Dirty Glory- Fire
06 Dirty Passion- Die Free
07 King Zebra- Never Stop Trying
08 Magick Touch- Trouble & Luck
09 Praying Mantis- Believable
10 Bonfire- Fallin’ Outta Love
11 Coda- Sigo Aquí
12 Naked- Aim for the Heart
13 Talon- Hole In My Head
14 Jettblack- Black & White
15 Eclipse- Live Like I'm Dying
16 The V- Again
17 Trixter- All Night Long
18 Jon Stevens- The Chronic Symphonic

01 Spitfire- Battlefield
02 Aranda- We Are The Enemy
03 The Motorleague- Wounded Animal
04 Saffire- This Is Not The End
05 Bridge to Grace- Everything
06 21Octayne- Lost
07 Brother Bones- To Be Alive
08 Atlas Road Crew- I Want You To Know

01 Ozone Mama- Hope
02 Thunder- When The Music Played
03 Swam Da Wamp- That Easy
04 The Handful- Last Man Standing
05 Christopher Shayne- Give a Damn
06 Eldorado- Mad Woman
07 Gentlemans Pistols- Private Rendezvous
08 Stone Sour- Love Gun (KISS cover)
09 Bevan Davies- Kill The King (Rainbow cover)

01 Black Trip- Die With Me
02 Horisont- Flying
03 Place of Skulls- You Won't Change Me (Black Sabbath cover)
04 Iron Savior- The Omega Man

01 Lord- Playing To Win (Little River Band cover)
02 Stratovarius- In My Line Of Work
03 Alquimia- Vulnerable
04 AngelSeed- Dancing with the Ghosts
05 Kamelot- Veil Of Elysium (Acoustic Version)
06 Queensryche- Bulletproof
07 Symphony X- Without You
08 Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville- City of Heroes
09 Helloween- Stay Crazy
10 Sonata Antartica- Pasok



Τετάρτη, 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2015


Back in 2010 I started checking out as many new bands and releases as I could get my hands on, regardless of whether I knew anything about them or not. With the internet and all it was a direction I was doomed to head to, being the greedy bastard I am. The piles of shit I got to listen to are beyond imagination, you gotta believe me. And then out of the blue comes a band described by many as stoner (which I'm not really fond of) hailing from Spain (a country that contributed decent 80's metal and AOR/hard rock stuff but nothing really fancy over the last years). Despite all this ''Itaka'' is one of the top 10 releases of 2010 and probably one of the 2-3  2010 releases that really stood the test of time and count as really great. I still haven't figured out what the guys are playing here... It's progressive, it's trippy, it's psychedelic, it has a strong retro vibe, all at the same time. The songwriting is complex and there are some crazy sax parts here and there, piano, keys of all kinds, fuzzy guitars, but the most surprising element are the outstanding and innovative vocal lines. The guys certainly think outside the box! The singer has this Ozzy-like tone (ok, that it's probably not a good thing) but the vocal lines are so kick-ass that you'll love the guy! As you go from one song to the next you'll be excited with the quality of the record, no fillers, only killers! And the damn choruses, they drive a nail through your brain with those amazing melodies!



Παρασκευή, 19 Ιουλίου 2013

BRONZ- Taken by storm (1984)

There are some styles of rock I love almost by definition, because of their sound, for example heavy pychedelic rock, southern rock, 70's pomp/AOR, NWOBHM and early 80's hard n' heavy. Bronz manage to combine the pomp/AOR sound of the late 70's-early 80's with the edge of NWOBHM so it didn't take much to fall for them. On their 1984 debut album Max Bacon (who had already delivered the goods on two great Nightwing albums) was the star of the show. Fantastic vocals that wouldn't go unnoticed. In fact briefly after the demise of Bronz Bacon joined GTR, the AOR/prog rock project of Steve Howe (Yes) and Steve Hackett (Genesis). Their self titled debut in 1986 went gold and scored a US top 20 hit with When the heart rules the mind. 1987 would see Bacon taking part in Phenomena's second and best album ''Dreamrunner''. Still ''Taken by storm'' is  the best album Bacon was involved in (closely followed by Nightwings ''My kingdom come'' also in 1984). Great songs throughout, big choruses, solid riffs and Bacon's passionate trademark high pitched vocals do the job. The self titled track has all the values of great, galloping, anthemic 80's heavy metal, while on the other side songs like The cold truth take us back to the magic of 70's Foreigner or Toto. This goes on and on from track to track, so if you like your NWOBHM spiced with keys and tons of melody this will sound like heaven.



Πέμπτη, 28 Μαρτίου 2013

FOREIGNER- Foreigner (1977)


I never really understood why this band got mocked so much with the whole ''corporate rock'' thing. Unless great music deserves mocking... Anyway, back to adressing reasonable people with good taste: Although their 3 first albums released in the 70's all sold extremely well this one stands high above the other two in terms of songwriting. All songs deliver one way or another. You get a bunch of simplistic but effective and addictive melodic rockers like Feels like the first time, Long, long way from home, Headknocker and I need you, some really nice slower sentimental songs like The damage is done and Woman oh woman and then the real highpoints, the absolute brilliance of pomp AOR anthem Cold as ice, the magic of the spacey ballad Starriders, the ballsy attitude of At war with the world (are you still trying to convince me a wimpy band could deliver such an epic?), the point is there's always something to admire; the vocal power of Lou Gramm, Jones's songwriting, the overall musicianship of the band, the everlasting magic of the 70's AOR sound in its best form. Allthough Foreigner went on to write some of the best known AOR songs in the 80's (Urgent, Waiting for a girl like you, I want to kow what love is), this is their finest moment and sadly their only 70's release of such high level. Both ''Double vision'' and ''Head games'' failed to satisfy me after this early masterpiece. I could surely do with a couple more albums like their debut!