Δευτέρα, 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

ABARAX- Crying of the whales (2006)

I've been away for a long time and I know collections are not what you want from this blog, so here I am with another outstanding band that deserves your attention. Abarax is a German prog rock band with a thing for Pink Floyd and Eloy. They manage to create beautiful soundscapes with their music and write epic songs with excellent harmony and melody. This one is their debut and they released another fantastic album (and slightly better I think) this year, titled ''Blue room'', which you all should go out and buy if you like this style of rock.
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/abaraxmusic


Δευτέρα, 6 Δεκεμβρίου 2010


Some songs that really moved me and brought back great memories...


Παρασκευή, 23 Ιουλίου 2010

SARACEN- Vox in excelso (2006)

Out of all the bands from the nwobhm era Saracen must be the only one that made such an impressive come back. ''Vox in excelso'' is a concept album about the Knights Templar and the legend around them, which had been popularized by the Dan Brown book ''The Da Vinci Code''. Rob Bendelow is again responsible for all the music, just like on Saracen's debut ''Heroes saints and fools'' (1981). The music can only be described as pomp rock. Expect many slow parts, narrations, epic atmosphere, but also bombastic explosions and great melodies; a jewel among the last decade's ready-to-consume music...


Παρασκευή, 18 Ιουνίου 2010

MADISON- Diamond mistress (1984)

Since the previous post was related to Goran Edman I decided it was the perfect timing to upload his first official album release way back from year 1984. At that time he was lead singer in Madison, a very talented Swedish band. Madison played a mixture of early melodic heavy metal and hard rock. The band sounded like a rougher version of early Europe. Edman's high octave vocals sounded a little unpolished compared to his later works, but he was a pleasure to listen to. It was obvious he was a gifted singer who would make a respectable career later on. Madison only lasted until the follow up album ''Best in show'' (1986) which was also very good.


Παρασκευή, 11 Ιουνίου 2010

KHARMA- Wonderland (2000)

This is one of the countless projects of Swedish singer Goran Edman (Madison, John Norum, Malmsteen, Glory, Brazen Abbott, etc). The masterminds behind the project are two relatively unknown musicians, guitarist Dragan Tanaskovic and keyboard player Attila Szabo. The guys wrote 13 songs of pure AOR and pomp rock delight. Goran Edman's vocal range and adaptability to the various styles of songs makes him the perfect choice for the music of Kharma. Not to mention his passionate singing. Styx is a band that will often come in mind during the album and Toto could also be considered an influence. Malmsteen fans will love the ballad Angel eyes, which sounds like an ''Eclipse'' or ''Fire and ice'' bonus track.



Σάββατο, 8 Μαΐου 2010

LONELY ROAD fanzine issue No1

This is a link that was sent to me through mail.
Lonely Road is a small eclectic and interesting fanzine about rock and metal music. I liked most of the stuff included and you will probably too.
The guy who sent it says we are all free to repost the link and get the message out to more people. So, if you like it just repost the link wherever you want to.

Τρίτη, 4 Μαΐου 2010

CRIMSON GLORY- Transcendence (1988)

In 1988 Crimson Glory released their second album. Following a great debut ''Transcendence'' was even better.The bands enigmatic image, a set of perfect songs and Midnight's ecstatic voice were more than enough to create a myth around the band and the album. The magic that Crimson Glory managed to touch was immediately lost before they could release a follow up of equal quality. But such is the nature of things...Magic never lasts long.

Πέμπτη, 22 Απριλίου 2010

JACK STARR"S BURNING STAR- No turning back (1986)

Shredding guitars, soaring vocals, great 80's power metal songs. Sounds like a real diamond. And so it is. Guitarist Jack Starr having left Virgin Steel after the legendary ''Guardians of the flame'' album (1983) had to prove he could deliver the same way his ex bandmate David De Feis did without him on Virgin Steele's ''Noble Savage'' (1985). ''No turning back'' is one of the greatest power metal albums. And power in not a euphemism in this case. Gems like Light in the dark and Run for your life remain untouched by time, the menacing power of Starr's riffing rules, Tirelli leaves as speechless with his vocals. The only time this album slows down a little bit is the cover of James Taylor's Fire and rain (a truly beautiful song and a great cover, check out the original too). This is the best album Jack ever released a total must have.

The link was removed after request.
Buy the album anyway, it's guaranteed pleasure!

Τετάρτη, 17 Μαρτίου 2010

HEAVY LOAD- Stronger than evil (1983)

Sweden can be proud for one of the best metal bands of the first half of the 80's. Continuing the admirable momentum of 1982's ''Death or glory'', ''Stronger than evil'' displays a band that can create masterpieces in a very simple way. On this album it's all about the songs. Every single one of them is great. The fascinating sound of early heavy metal is captured in all of its glory. I enjoy everything about ''Stronger than evil''. The melodic riffing, the rocking guitar solos, the vocal duties being shared by three members, the galopping rhythm section. Music from a long gone era, when metal didn't have to be superfast, extreme, evil, etc. to be called metal.


Τετάρτη, 3 Μαρτίου 2010

HEIR APPARENT- One small voice (1989)

One of the most beautiful albums in heavy metal history. After a great power meta debut (''Graceful inheritance''-1986) Heir Apparent changed their style towards progressive metal and welcomed a new singer in their ranks, Steve Benito. Now this is a divine singer. His performance alone makes this album a masterpiece. The songs are ideal to showcase his talent. Very few album can compete with ''One small voice'' in terms of songwriting genius and lyricism. A perfect combination of both great songs and ''straight from the heart'' performances. The band breathes it's very soul into this album. Along with Dream Theater's ''When day and dream unite'', Fates Warning's ''Perfect symmetry'', Queensryche's ''Operation mindcrime'', ''One small voice'' is the best example of power metal turning into something more complicated and demanding, yet equally passionate and powerful. Miracles though don't last long, so the band split after the album due to extremely bad relations between bandmembers. Mastermind Terry Gorle revived the band with new members on several occasions, but just for some live shows. There's a live video of Just imagine from 2004 included as a sample.



Τρίτη, 23 Φεβρουαρίου 2010

WASHED- Blue (1991)

One of the mot obscure and unlucky bands in the whole metal universe. Washed only released a cassete lp in 1991 before disbanding and fading into obscurity. A few years ago the band was trying to get a record deal for an official rerelease of ''Blue'' and maybe even record new stuff but their tracks have been lost over the last two years and their myspace page remains inactive, though thousands of people still visit to listen to the underground anthem I need an angel. I advise you to listen for yourselves. The fact that this band didn't even get a record deal is one of the greatest mysteries of music. I need an angel could be a huge hit, being in the same league with songs like You give love a bad name (Bon Jovi) or Nightrain (Guns 'n' roses) . The ballad Steel could feel pain ranks among the best, showcasing tremendous power and emotional depth. When Washed got louder there were few metal bands that could match them. Guilty, Armed and Dangerous, Crawlin', three monumental heavy power songs that rivaled the best US metal bands. This band knew how to shift from melodic hard rock to uncompromised metal power. I wish this guys the best, because there were rumors some of the band members had serious health problems which caused the band to fold again and prevented the rerelease of ''Blue''. Here you can find 8 out of 11 tracks the original album included. The album front/back covers are selfmade. The songs were sent to me and several other people during the period the band was searching for a record deal. They have been uploaded in other blogs too, but I want to keep the stuff floating in order to preserve their legacy.


Τετάρτη, 3 Φεβρουαρίου 2010

Q5- ''Steel the light'' (1984)

Q5 are a classic choice among followers of 80's heavy metal. Though the band never achieved any significant commercial success (even though guitarist Floyd Rose is the inventor of the famous tremolo system) they are still remembered due to some of the best songs ever written in hard rock/heavy metal. Lonely lady, Steel the light, Come and Gone, Missing in action. A perfect sound, the bridge between the heaviest bands of the 70's and the uprising heavy metal of the 80's. The album does have some fillers, but when Q5 are up for a good song, they're up to it for good!

Τετάρτη, 27 Ιανουαρίου 2010

LEATHERWOLF- ''Leatherwolf'' (1988)

Another gem from the US. This is the second self tiled album Leatherwolf released, since their 1985 same titled debut was an indy release, so they used the same title for this release on Island records, which was regarded something like the ''official'' debut album of the band. So don't mistake the 1985 album for this one! Here we have a perfect example of 80's heavy power metal. Leatherwolf's tripple attack delivers great guitar work and songs that are regarded as classics today. You just can't have a complete metal collection without this one. If ''Street ready'' (1989) was a litlle ''light'' for metal purists I guarantee that ''Leatherwolf'' is exactly what they ask for. Loud, epic, bombastic, rnthousiastic heavy metal.


Τρίτη, 19 Ιανουαρίου 2010

2009 Best Releases- The JRD compilation

I don't post new albums, but I thought I should let you know which 2009 albums I enjoyed most. This compilation contains one track from each album. If you haven't heard the albums check them out immediately. Support the artists in every way you can. Either by bying the albums or attending their shows, or by spreading the word. Help our music stay alive forever!

01. Altaria- Danger zone (Unholy) melodic heavy metal
02. Bad Sign- Whispered in the wind (Bad sign) melodic hard rock
03. Robin Beck- In a crazy world (Trouble or nothing rerecording) AOR
04. Candlemass- If I ever die (Death magic doom) doom metal
05. Cirrha Niva- Running from the source (For moments never done) progressive metal
06. Constancia- Troublemaker (Lost and gone) melodic hard rock/metal
07. Dr. Grind- Time will tell (Speechless) heavy metal
08. Farcry- Fineline (High gear) melodic hard rock
09. Herman Frank- Heal me (Loyal to none) melodic metal
10. Pictorial Wand- Struggle of Autumn leaves (Face of our fathers) progressive rock/metal
11. Places of Power- In your wildest dreams (Now is the hour) AOR
12. Place Vendome- I'd die for you (Streets of fire) AOR
13. Prodigal Earth- Crossroads (Zenith II Zero) power metal
14. Steel Panther- Eyes of a panther (Feel the steel) hard rock